How it works

Step 1: Sign Up

Only one team member needs to sign up.  This user is the project owner and adds deliverables to the timeline.


Step 2: Add Deliverables

The project owner populates the timeline by adding deliverables to teammates that have agreed to complete them.

Helpful tip: Use Omelo in your proposal to make sure everyone is commited to their deliverable prior to starting.


Step 3: Autopilot

Once the timeline is populated and teammates are tagged for their deliverables, Omelo will notify the responsible party when their deliverable is approaching.  Project owners just click complete when a deliverable is met.

Note: You can add new deliverables after you start the project.


Step 4: Blockers

Every project has blockers that affect the deadline.  Omelo will automatically push back the timeline if a deliverable isn't completed and project owners have final say to undo the affected timeline.

Helpful tip: If your client misses a deadline, you have Omelo to intervene on your behalf.  Discuss the repercussions of missed deliverables upfront


Step 5: Project Completed!

When every deliverable is completed, the project is finished! Omelo will send a final recap of the timeline to every teammate.

Note: You can always add more deliverables to the timeline in case the scope changes.