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Why $9/mo?

We spent a lot of time coming to this price point.  As freelancers, we know the difficulties with paying for software. At the same time, we need to keep improving Omelo for a small payment is needed.  This allows us to build Omelo for you, not investors. 

How do subscriptions work?

You can cancel your Omelo subscription at any time for any reason.  We want you to be sure of the value it has on your professional life before you buy it so we offer the first project free.

Does my client need to sign up?

Not at all! We've intentionally designed Omelo to require zero learning curve for your clients.  Only one person learns and managers the project timeline. All of the communication is sent to your client's email.

Can I have multiple projects at once?

Yes. Multiple projects is a paid feature on Omelo. We are currently working on building a feature that shows you all your events on a single timeline. Currently, we support multiple timelines and are in the process on building an aggregate view of all the projects in one timeline. 

How does Omelo work?

Omelo requires one party to sign up, the project admin.  Once the admin signs up, the project owner will add project deliverables and tag an responsible party to complete it on time. Admins can add alerts to notify the responsible party of the task.

What's next?

We are a small team building Omelo and are thrilled when our users give us feedback. We've got a lot of plans including integrations, automations, and other exciting things. If you have any ideas, concerns or questions, please reach out on our contact page.