Everything in one place, everyone on the same page

Organize, track, and automate communication between you and your client.


As you get things done

Clients are automatically notified


Spin up a project timeline in minutes

Omelo helps you plan the important tasks and who is responsible for completing them whether you, a teammate, or your client.

Accountable Party + Due Date


Omelo notifies your client of all activity

Send right-timed notifications to your client. Get the things you need on time. Omelo sends daily, and weekly updates on your behalf.

Approvals + Invoices + Feedback


Notifications on autopilot


Send requests without breaking flow

Requests are done in two-clicks. Omelo gives template emails so you can blast off your requests in seconds: Payments, Blockers, Feedback, Approval.


Your client interacts through email

All progress happens elegantly in their email. Clients and teammates are informed of progress and alerted when they have a task.

Words from freelancers

Frictionless requests

One of the biggest challenges with projects hitting deadlines is getting content. Omelo automagically sends requests for you. It's the best assistant you have.

-Rico Lavender / Product Designer

Omelo wins proposals

Whenever I start a new project, I immediately create a timeline, add my client, and Omelo sends a beautiful one page view of the project. I've won countless projects because of these early stage timelines.

-Linxiao L. / Developer

Tracks file versions

What I love about Omelo is that I can see everything at a glance. I can easily find out where the latest sketch file is, or the last invoice. It's been a huge time saver.

-Moe A. / CoFounder

Start making your projects flow